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Entrepreneur Paul Celia presented new evidence of his rights to 84% shares of Facebook [14 Apr 2011|03:14am]

 Entrepreneur Paul Celia, which requires the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 84-percent share in the company, changed his legal team and filed new documents to the Federal Court of New York. He refers to a completely new proof of his direct involvement in the creation of Facebook. Maybe Zuckerberg would have to share profits, to stop the proceedings. In addition to Celia there are more pretenders to Zuckerberg’s stare in Facebook. There are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and his former best friend Eduardo Saverin. Details of these proceedings can be found in the article "Three threats to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook".
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Apple has won a multi-million dollar patent lawsuit from Yale professor [07 Apr 2011|01:38pm]

 Apple has won a multimillion-dollar litigation with a small firm Mirror Worlds, founded by a professor at Yale University, David Gelernter.

In October 2010 the jury supported Mirror Worlds claims that Apple violated patents owned by it and obliged Apple to pay $ 625.5 million in fines - for $ 208.5 million for each of the three patent infringement.

The plaintiff claimed that the illegal use of technology in the devices Mac, iPhones and iPods and related organizations interface Cover Flow, backup system Time Machine and software for searching computer hard drives. Apple immediately appealed the decision.

Now the Federal Court of Texas ruled the opposite order, eliminating fine. It is reported that Mirror Worlds has not provided sufficient evidence to justify the amount designated for compensation. Mirror Worlds lawyers refused to comment the situation.
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Loans to civil lawsuits in the U.S. [09 Mar 2011|10:43pm]

The big banks, hedge funds and private investors in the U.S. who are looking for new promising investment projects, have discovered a new way to earn money. Investing hundreds of millions of dollars in funding of civil suits, they run a great risk, however, they can win much more than in more traditional areas for investment. Attorney Online understands the positive features of this system and what risks proclaim its opponents. Loans are often the catalyst for the large and resonant litigations, especially when in such areas as medical malpractice, divorces and  class actions against large corporations.The total investment into trials in the U.S. since 1990 amounted $ 1 billion. System of crediting trials has become one of important trends of risky investments at high interest rates.

LawFinance Group founder Alan Zimmerman was a practicing lawyer, while in 1992 he moved to California. And there he he borrowed $ 30,000 dollars to a woman who won the case of sexual harassment by her employer, but faced with an appeal of the employer. Lady did not have funds to continue the process, but after the loan employer immediately gave up and did not challenge the court decision. Zimmerman eventually earned $ 20,000. Then the idea to make this practice his business occurred him.
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New Year bonuses of lawyers. Crisis is left behind? [28 Dec 2010|01:12am]

Bonuses in large law firms will differ a little from last year's. Partners of big law firms consider that bonuses — the basic indicator of health of legal business — don't grow highly as position of business in this year has improved slightly. Also the reason of stability of bonuses is anxiety of the clients considering that increase of bonuses to lawyers will increase rates of legal services. This year many leading Wall Street law firms have constituted bonuses from 7 thousand dollars for first year lawyers to 35 thousand dollars for leading experts. This sum is much less than that was 2 years ago when the average sum of bonuses amounted 65 thousand dollars. Read more about employees' new year bonuses in law firms on attorney-online info.
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The Ministry of Justice of the USA will appeal against a judgement about illegality of medical refor [16 Dec 2010|11:35am]

The Ministry of Justice of the USA will appeal against the decision of district court of Richmonds (State of Virginia) which has recognized reform of public health services, initiated by Barack Obama, partially contradicting Сonstitution of the USA. The position obliging all Americans to acquire the medical insurance has been recognized illegal. Tracy Schmaler, representative of the Ministry of Justice of the USA has reported about it. More medical legal information read on Attorney Online
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Three threats to Mark Zuckerberg, owner of Facebook [15 Dec 2010|12:19pm]

"Social network" comes to an end on signing  of confidential agreements and satisfactions by litigants of two processes (with Winklevoss and Saverien). In the USA producers like to shoot films about loud legal procedures, therefore it is not excluded that this history will inspire someone on a new screen version of events from life of Facebook founder. Winklevoss and their partner in the spring of 2010 have challenged in a court, the agreement and satisfaction.Read more news about business law procedures of Facebook on Attorney Online.
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Is there juctice in U.S. courts? [01 Nov 2010|05:58pm]

Researchers named advertizing election campaign of judges on TV the real information war. And in the war, as it is known, all means are good. Critics don't maintain  videos for judges which are similar to the dirty PR-campaign directed against contenders at elections.The whole article published on Attorney Online: Expenditure for elections of judges grow in the USA. Courts are still independent? Part 2
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Expenditure for elections of judges grow in the USA. Courts are still independent? [11 Oct 2010|03:08pm]

On elections of judges give money businessmen and citizens of USA. Despite it, growth "costs of the selective company" very much disturbs researchers and the public. In doubt — independence and impartiality of judges. Attorney Online Business & Financial
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10 % of time — no-charge work - Stephen Zak (FBA) [08 Oct 2010|01:07pm]

In the USA there is a monopoly for legal activity. To be engaged in it  person must have corresponding preparation, education, experience . Besides, not any lawyer can represent interests of other persons in court. It is authorized only to attorneys.

read interviw with Stephen Zak - head on American Bar Association
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Price does not depend on the volume and complexity of the work? Paradoxes of U.S. law market [05 Oct 2010|01:33pm]

Price does not depend on the volume and complexity of the work? Paradoxes of U.S. law market

In essence the report - a summary of the results of a study on the pricing mechanism in the field of legal services to the U.SMaybe this will help us understand why the cost of services the law firm does not depend much on her experience in a particular area and the volume of work on this particular request.
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[26 Oct 2009|10:35pm]

Hey! Just wondering if I could ask some advice of you guys --

I took the LSAT in September, but when I took it, I was getting over the flu (I had to wear a mask in the testing center), and I still had a mild fever and cough and it was pretty hard to concentrate. I did get a pretty good score (166), but the rub is that I know I can do better.

Right now, I guess I have three options:

1) Submit my applications now with the LSAT score that I have. Unfortunately, this means my top choices (NYU/Georgetown/Berkeley) probably won't want me.

2) Take the LSAT again in December and submit my applications then. I'll have a better score, but I'll be submitting my applications later, which takes away the advantage that I'd get from submitting early (what with rolling applications and all).

3) Retake the LSAT again in December but take a year off and apply next fall instead for admissions into the class of 2012.

The last option is probably what I'd like to do most, but it scares me a little because I don't want to just laze around for a year, and it makes me nervous not having definite plans.

Anyway. Sorry for the long-windedness. I guess the gist of it is whether applying early with a worse LSAT score is better/worse than applying later with a better LSAT score.

Thanks for any help you can give -- I really appreciate it. I'm kinda waffling on this one big time.
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[23 Sep 2009|08:29pm]

This may be an odd question, but:

I'm taking the LSAT on Saturday. I also just got the flu today (fun times!). I might be mostly better by Saturday, but I might not. The fever makes it kinda hard to concentrate on things like logic games.

So. If on Saturday I'm not 100% from the flu, and I take the LSAT, should I append my law school applications with a note from my doctor verifying what happened and something that says "hay so I had the flu and that's why my score might not be as good as it should be"?

Thanks for any help!
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100 Blog Posts You Should Read Before Going to Law School [26 Aug 2009|01:03am]


100 Blog Posts You Should Read Before Going to Law School

If you’ve decided that law is the career for you and want to head back to school, there are a lot of things you need to consider before making a choice. After all, figuring out where you’ll spend the next three years of your life and a hefty chunk of change is a big decision. Here are some articles that will help make it easier to get in, finance your education, learn about what law school is like, and even consider potential careers in law fields.

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[23 Aug 2009|03:46pm]

What are some ways to prepare for the LSAT other than study guides? e.g. reading texts of a style similar to passages on the LSAT, taking a Logic course, reading Sideways Arithmetic from Wayside School. (JK about that last one. But not really. That book = logic games for elementary school students.)

Thank you!
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[22 Jun 2009|09:52pm]

Do you guys recommend taking an LSAT prep course? Is there any program you would recommend? I'm located in Chicago and I recently took a free diagnostic test from the Princeton Review and wound up with a 155, but I'd like to raise my score to about a 170 and have no doubt that I can do that if I'm disciplined enough (and I think a course might be necessary for that). Any suggested would be much appreciated!
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LSAT Prep Question [13 May 2009|11:44am]

I'm planning on taking the LSAT in September and am trying to lock down a study schedule. Does anyone have any suggestions as to when I should start studying?

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[12 May 2009|10:12pm]
I currently have acceptances from South Texas College of Law and the University of Louisville. I researched both schools on my own, but I would appreciate any additional insights, opinions, etc. this community could offer about either school; I am having a hard time deciding which offer to accept. Thanks for your help!

cross-posted to law_students
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Studying Abroad [02 May 2009|11:28am]

Hi everyone,

I'm finishing up a semester abroad & am curious if you guys have any knowledge as to how beneficial law schools consider studying abroad. How advantageous is it toward law school admissions to spend time on exchange during undergraduate?

Thanks in advance.
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testmasters [26 Apr 2009|11:34am]
so i keep hearing that testmasters is a good test prep place, but here's my dilemma:

- http://www.testmasters.com/
- http://www.testmasters.net/default.aspx

they're obv not the same thing, so which one is the good one?!
if you've taken a course with either one, what was your experience with it like?

also, i'll be in the sf bay area this summer, please let me know if there are any other test prep places there that you'd recommend.

thanks for any help!


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